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Save the Center!

High on the list of important and valuable buildings in our Community is the Cathlamet Pioneer Center (CPC), though many know it as the Pioneer Church. Standing on a knoll overlooking the community since 1896, it has a commanding presence. The CPC is the only building in Cathlamet on the National Register of Historic Places and the Washington Heritage Register.

For decades the Pioneer Community Association (PCA) has worked to keep the doors open and our most recent challenge this past Spring was replacing leaking windows and repairing carpenter ant damage. Without a significant investment in repairs to protect the structural integrity of this historic treasure it will have to be closed to the public and lost to our community. The cost of exterior painting/repairs, a new roof and foundation repair are far beyond the check book balance. Once again, it’s time to kick off a major fund-raising effort as we work together to SAVE THE CENTER.

The Pioneer Community Association is pleased to announce that we are working with Senator Dean Takko to request an appropriation from the State Capitol Budget to secure funds for structural repairs and updates for the historic Cathlamet Pioneer Center. We have no guarantees that our project will be funded, but we are hopeful. We also know that “Fingers Crossed” is not a proactive or smart approach to raising funds, so we are going back to the time honored and effective approach of asking for donations. The Pioneer Community Association is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductible.

Most are unaware that the Town of Cathlamet entered into a 60-year Lease Agreement in 2010 in a show of support and strong recognition for the major historical, architectural and cultural significance of the building whose image is the iconic symbol of the Town. They generously pay monthly heating, utilities, janitorial and maintain liability and casualty insurance. The PCA currently pays for the fire suppression system monitoring and are allowed a set number of events/activities annually at no fee. The building is available for rent to the public from the Town of Cathlamet for a reasonable fee to offset their expenses. We value the support of the Town of Cathlamet.

If you care about preserving our historic Cathlamet Pioneer Center I would encourage you to join the Pioneer Community Association and make that support known. If you know of a business that could support SAVE THE CENTER, we would love to hear from them. Matching funds are critical to securing Grant Funding.

Please join us for a 7 pm meeting on January 24, 2019. Please come and see what motivates us to continue working to keep this beautiful historic building standing and open to the public. We will be discussing next steps and your voice matters.

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Tidy Up The Town

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22 and The Pioneer Community Association invites you to join us on Saturday April 28 to do some much needed Spring Cleaning.  It's time to polish up our Curb Appeal and make the Cathlamet Pioneer Center shine after a long, wet winter.  Wear glove and clothes that can get dirty and bring shovels, rakes, hoes and wheelbarrows.  Plan on spending 3 hours digging, pulling, scraping, washing and laughing.  Together we can make a difference. 

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Annual "Hang Onto Yer Kilts!" Music Festival
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Annual "Hang Onto Yer Kilts!" Music Festival

Join the PCA and River Mile 38 Brewing Co. for live Irish Music, craft beer, food, and the Best Kilt Kontest.  We'll have music by The Chancers, Castletown and Stomptowners, as well as locally made Irish food.  Show off your kilt for a chance at a prize!  This should be a really fun event, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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